British X-Files to be Released!



Well it seems Britain has it’s own X-Files.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, I mean it’s not like the US has the exclusive on the extraterrestrial.  Last I heard, UFO’s have been seen flying all over our world; so, it just makes good sense, that there be other “government agencies” set in place…who else will implement the inevitable “cover-ups.”   Be that as it may… we still have the coolest agents in Scully and Mulder!

Obviously, the previous paragraph was written, tongue-in-cheek, however, all jokes aside, the Ministry of Defense is prepared to release its confidential UFO reports-i.e. “British X-Files”- for public scrutiny.

So what should one expect to find within these reports?  Paranormal enthusiasts believe there could be valuable information that could shed light upon the famous Rendlesham Forest account. The Rendlesham Forest account has been compared to our Roswell and is often referred to as “Britain’s Roswell.”

The 1980 incident occurred in Suffolk England, near Woodbridge Royal Air Force base,  which at the time, was occupied by the US Air Force.   American military officers, who were on night patrol, reported unusual lights and the possible landing of two alien crafts.

Just as Roswell, government forces soon intervened, and according to conspiracy theorists, the cover-up began.  However, one  Lt. Col.Charles Halt; still to this day, stands behind the reports he gave on that cold December night.  (The Rendlesham Forrest account is extremely fascinating.  I plan to write a more detailed article soon.)

Could the secret files, soon to be released, harbor conclusive information on the Rendlesham Forest account?  Well, that remains to be seen.

The Ministry of Defense will first release the files to the National Archives, and after their process is done, the files will be released to the general public. This is to be done within a matter of days.

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