Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge

Haunted Landscapes:

It’s quite the challenge finding Creepy photos but oh so fun!

All Hallow’s Eve in New England

I love the glow at the top middle of photo and the way the trees are reflected in the window panes.  This is actually a photo of our house when we lived in  Hampton Falls NH.



Old Gravestones in Haunted New England

This was taken on a cold day at dusk.  I was just finishing my afternoon run when I ended up here at an old graveyard in Hampton Falls NH.



Silhouette Man Watching in Woods

This was captured in the Shenandoah National Park.  It’s actually a photo of my son standing on a rock ridge.  If I didn’t know it was my son, this one would totally creep me out.



IMG_3672 (3)
Hogwarts at Universal Studios

The sun was casting some wicked shadows when I took this photo.  It looks like Dracula’s Castle; however it’s actually Hogwarts at Universal Studios.



These are the creepy photos I chose to submit into Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge.  

“Stay Creepy My Friends”

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