Macabre Art: 1

I’m a lover of all things Stephen King and Tim Burton.  For some reason I’ve always navigated toward the spooky…even as a child.  Most know I enjoy reading and writing horror, but only a select few know I delve into something I call Macabre Art.  Macabre Art is simply transforming my own photographs into something creepy.  Therefore, I’m going to indulge myself, by kicking off a new series entitled…of course… Macabre Art.

Each entry will be composed of my own photography that has been morphed into something weird, strange or creepy.  Also, the original photograph must be posted, along with a description and/or short story of no more than 200 words.

So without further ado, I present my very first piece of Macabre Art:  Eye of the Beholder


Eye of the Beholder

One day I was extremely bored so I decided to take a selfie of my eyeball.  The original image habits the background and the morphed eye resides in the foreground.  Eyes darkened with only a large black pupil has always frightened me.

“Stay Creepy My Friends”

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