Amy ‘s Story: Part 7

Rudy, lay dying in the snow.

[Recap:  Amy is kidnapped, bound, and, hung like a piece of meat, for hours in the darkness of an underground, root cellar.  Finally, her captor unlocks the shackles holding her to the large wooden beam, supporting her underground prison.  Amy is strong willed and refuses to play along with her captor’s plan.   This infuriates him, so he roughly throws her into another dark room, but this time it’s inside a rustic cabin, hidden deep within the Blue Ridge Mountains. Meanwhile, Sky, Amy’s wife, follows the snow-mobile path she believes will lead to Amy.  While in route, she finds Rudy, their beloved Golden Retriever, lying in the snow, bleeding from the wound he received while trying to protect Amy from the psychopath.  Sky’s heart breaks into a million pieces, at the sight of her dog dying.  Unwilling to watch Rudy suffer, she pulls her gun from the back of her jeans, and sets aim…]


Rudy lifted his head to stare down the barrel of the gun. He remembered the loud sound and the awful pain he had felt earlier, from looking down a similar hole.  That time there was a stranger at the other end, but this time, Sky was at the other end.  Rudy was confused.  The evil man had hurt him…

Did Sky want to him…?  She had never hurt him before…?

No, thought Rudy, I trust her…she would never hurt me.  Rudy shifted his eyes from the barrel of the gun to look at Sky. Their eyes connected and Rudy saw the tears streaming down her face.

Rudy understood tears. He had seen Sky and Amy cry before, and when they did, neither one had wanted to play with him. He had even padded over to the door and pawed, trying get them take a walk. Walks always made Rudy feel better. Maybe it would make Amy and Sky feel better too…?  He wagged his tail at the thought but when he looked back, neither one had moved.  They were still on the couch where Sky was holding Amy, and both were crying.  Rudy stopped wagging his tail.  Seeing them sad made him sad, so he walked over, laid his head in Amy’s lap and looked at them with chocolate eyes.  Both patted his head, so he climbed up and laid on their lap.  Rudy remembered their immediate embrace; he knew he had done the right thing.  They had stayed like that for a long time until all three fell asleep.

Yes…Rudy understood tears.

Sky needs me, thought Rudy.  At the thought, Rudy tried to get up, but he was so weak he fell back into the snow.  He tried again and failed.  His heart broke because he wanted to help Sky feel better.  Again their eyes connected.  Rudy saw the sadness in her eyes, and he began to cry.

“God help me…I can’t do it!”  Sky dropped the gun in the snow.  She went over to Rudy and pulled him close.  “I love you, boy…I love you so much…”

Rudy whimpered at the sound of her voice.  Her warmth soothed him.

Sky could feel his coldness through her thick hoodie and tee shirt.  She looked around for something to act as barrier between Rudy and the snow.  She saw some fir limbs scattered about that had broken under the weight of the snow.  She began to gather them and shake off the snow.  Then she laid them in a crisscross fashion as close to Rudy as possible.  As gently as possible she pick Rudy up and laid him on the bed of fir.  Brushing the snow from him she examined his would and saw that it had stopped bleeding.  Without a second thought she took off her hoodie and wrapped it snuggle around his body, making sure to cover his wound.  Then she kissed him on the head and whispered, “I’m coming back for you, Rudy.”  She gently laid more fir branches atop of Rudy to act as a wind breaker.   She picked up the gun and tucked it against the small of her back between her jeans and tee shirt, and began following the snow-mobile tracks once more.

The cold air bit at her bare arms.

“Fuck it!”  Said Sky.  She didn’t have time to get cold.  She had to save Amy.


Amy crawled in the dark, trying to feel her way around the room. Eventually her eyes adjusted but only to the point of depicting vague shadows.  She assumed the shadowy figure lying on the floor was the sleeping bag. She crawled over to it and felt a pillow, and an extra blanket lying on top.

“Oh, bless his heart,” Amy said, then grabbed both and slung them into the darkness opposite her. Anger boiled inside of her like a pot of stew.  Her rage overflowed the confines, and erupted from her mouth.

“You god damn, son-of-a-bitch!”

She screamed it a second time, just to be sure he heard her.  She waited a few moments, expecting a response, but none came.

Amy continued her exploration. She stood and began slowly inching her way around the room by touching the roughhewn walls.  After five steps, Amy bumped into something. Feeling it in the dark, she realized it was a five-gallon bucket.  She kicked it so hard, it hit the wall on the other side of the room.

“Thanks for the piss-pot, asshole!” An inner voice warned her watch her mouth, but she cursed at it as well.

Back to the wall, she continued her investigation, taking care trying to avoid the splinters that sprouted like seedlings from the boards.  After a  few more steps she came to what felt like a window.  If so, it was every bit of 7 feet from the floor.  Amy stood on her tip toes and was able to feel the window’s ledge.  A thick heavy cloth hung just below the edge.  Amy grabbed it and pulled.  She heard a rip, but it still it clung to the wall.  She grabbed it a second time and pulled so hard it ripped from the nails that held it to the wall.  Amy lost her balance, fell backwards and hit the hard-wooden floor.  She winced from the pain that shot through here body.  Every nerve ending screamed in protest as she tried to stand.  The pain was so severe, she opted out of standing, and instead scooted backwards until she was on the sleeping bag, with her back against the wall.  She drew her legs close, wrapped her arms around them and rested her head upon her knees.  She willed herself not to cry, but the tears fell, non-the-less.

Through her tears she could tell the room appeared lighter.  She felt herself bathed in light, and realized her new-found window had become a conduit for the glow of a full moon.  She lifted her face toward the light, and relished in the hope it seemed to bring.  It occurred to Amy the storm must have subsided.  She thought of Sky out there searching for her, and said a silent prayer of thanks.  She had worried about Sky’s safety in such an awful storm, but now, she worried even more for her safety when she finally found the cabin.  Amy knew Sky wouldn’t stop until she found her.

Amy mentally heard, once again, the psychopath’s promise, “I’m going to slice up your dyke girlfriend, and make you feed her, piece by piece to the pigs.”  Amy shivered, she knew he would do it.  He had given her no reason to doubt him.

Amy would die without Skyler.

She could barely remember her life before Sky, which frightened her somewhat, as it had only been three years ago.  She wondered about her level of co-dependence…her besetting sin…

Mentally, she scolded herself, and tried to push her fear away; however, no matter how far she pushed, the uneasiness hovered like a fog upon the fringes of her psyche.

It wasn’t that she couldn’t remember, it was more that her life had been so one dimensional before Sky.  Her world had been a stage cast in black and white, but when Sky entered her life, she brought with her a full spectrum of colors that Amy never knew existed.

Amy smiled at the thought.  She closed her eyes and let her memories take her far beyond her prison walls.  She remembered the day she met Sky…

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A NOTE TO MY READERS:  Amy’s Story was born from a writing prompt on a random website, that has long left my memory.  My intentions were to create a creepy story about a woman’s escape from the clutches of an evil psychopath.  The plan was to wrap it up in two, or at the most three blog posts; however, Amy and Sky refused to let their creator write, “The End.”  They beg for their story to be told, as does the psychopath who torments them!  And of course, Rudy, their beloved Golden Retriever, has quite a lot he wants to say, as well.  For this reason I am unable to bring their story to a close, until all has been told that needs telling.  In this telling, when it is complete, I’m sure I will have finished my first novel.

I have debated as to whether I should write an alternate ending for Creepy Reflections, to provide a sense of closure for the readers of this blog.   I wonder if you feel I’m stringing you along?  Would you rather I end it, or would you rather come along for the long ride?  I would appreciate your feed-back.

Either way, Sky, Amy, Rudy and the psychopath’s story will continue and not end, until they are satisfied the creator had done them justice. And when the end finally comes, they, as well as their creator, hopes the story will find its way to publication.

Thank you, my readers, you mean the world to me!


To Read Amy’s Story from the beginning go here.








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