Good stories are created from good ideas.  Sometimes the thought of conjuring up a good idea can be quite intimidating.  How many times have I sat down to write, only to stare at a blank page, waiting for the perfect idea to magically pop into my head.  The minutes pass and with every tic of the clock my frustration mounts; and on and on it goes until a pen or two is tossed across the room.

Ideas are all around us; sort of hidden in plain sight.  The key to scoping them out is to notice…notice…notice.  Keep your writer’s instinct sharpened, play the “what if” scenario 24/7, and always remember “Life is stranger than fiction.”   Drop dead plots and murderous ideas are just waiting to be captured from our everyday and presumably boring lives.

A writer must develop a “god-like complex” in which you tease the reader with hints and you control your characters by making them bend to your every whim.  I’ve never been a control freak, but damn, I have say, I really like the way that sounds!  The very power of appointing myself the “god” of my own “make-believe world” is extremely intoxicating and  propels me head first into some wicked creation.  This very concept changes the whole appeal of fiction writing.  It makes me want to release an evil laugh and whisper,“…let the fun begin…”

I hope you enjoy my stories.  Some are fiction, some are true, some current events, some paranormal, but all are strange and are found here at Creepy Reflections.

Please come  back, often…I’m dying to scare you!