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Ominous Tales

This “tail” seems a bit ominous, therefore, I call it “Demonic Peacock.”

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The Meeting

Photo Courtesy of The Storyteller's Abode
Photo Courtesy of The Storyteller’s Abode

Katie took another drag of her cigarette, and then thumped the remainder into the air like a paper football.  She stepped away from the rock she had leaned against for  hours, and wiped at the tears that drained down her dusty face.  What had made her think love could flourish again? She sighed.

The sun was low on the horizon.   It was time to go.

Had she really thought he would come?

She had never been one to believe that psychic mumbo-jumbo shit, but the woman…the woman caressing the glass ball… she had been so convincing.  She had even known “their place”.  No one knew of their place…no one.

Katie, disappointed in herself for believing, whispered, “He’s dead…you dumb bitch…dead…”

Turning her back to the twin stones, Katie began her descent back down the mountain. She had only taken a couple of steps when something  fluttered by her ear and fell to the ground.  Katie looked down.  There by her boots lay the cigarette she had tossed away.

Katie smiled…she knew he had come.


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Meteor or “Something” Else?

Breaking News!

Coverage from WMUR

Meteor-like fireball streaks across New Hampshire sky

From eye-witness  “I was just driving near exit four and the whole sky, I mean it creeped me out, it just lit up green, really, really green,” said Jameson. “It was just green and white and like a big flaming ball. “

View Video Coverage Here


“…always…Always let it Creep You Out!”

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The Blue Balloon

(The following is my participation in today’s one-word daily prompt:  Buddy.)

Photo borrowed from Fine Art America

It was the blue one…always the blue one, and there was only one in the bunch. One blue balloon for one little boy.

The balloon man searched for his next buddy.

He pushed the cart of balloons and watched them all with a curious eye.  Children everywhere…the carnival had indeed, proved to be a smorgasbord of easy picking.

“Eeny meeny miny mo…Harry, Timmy or Jimmy Joe…  ”  He secretly snickered at the rhyme but was careful not to let his excitement show.  

He scanned his options searching for his Harry, Timmy or Jimmy Joe.  Finally his eyes landed upon the redhead who had strayed from his mom.

Bingo!  The winner-thought the balloon man.

He reached for the blue balloon, and handed it to the lost little boy.  The boy saw the balloon and reached in the air…

Then in a flash of blue, the boy is whisked away!

Blue lights are flashing everywhere, and the balloon man is sucking dirt from the ground.

The winded officer, on top of the clown, spoke into his shoulder mic, “We Got him!  The son-of-a-bitch will kidnap and hurt no more!”

The blue balloon drifted up and away…and then was gone.


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(Photo borrowed from fineartamerica.com)


British X-Files to be Released!



Well it seems Britain has it’s own X-Files.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, I mean it’s not like the US has the exclusive on the extraterrestrial.  Last I heard, UFO’s have been seen flying all over our world; so, it just makes good sense, that there be other “government agencies” set in place…who else will implement the inevitable “cover-ups.”   Be that as it may… we still have the coolest agents in Scully and Mulder!

Obviously, the previous paragraph was written, tongue-in-cheek, however, all jokes aside, the Ministry of Defense is prepared to release its confidential UFO reports-i.e. “British X-Files”- for public scrutiny.

So what should one expect to find within these reports?  Paranormal enthusiasts believe there could be valuable information that could shed light upon the famous Rendlesham Forest account. The Rendlesham Forest account has been compared to our Roswell and is often referred to as “Britain’s Roswell.”

The 1980 incident occurred in Suffolk England, near Woodbridge Royal Air Force base,  which at the time, was occupied by the US Air Force.   American military officers, who were on night patrol, reported unusual lights and the possible landing of two alien crafts.

Just as Roswell, government forces soon intervened, and according to conspiracy theorists, the cover-up began.  However, one  Lt. Col.Charles Halt; still to this day, stands behind the reports he gave on that cold December night.  (The Rendlesham Forrest account is extremely fascinating.  I plan to write a more detailed article soon.)

Could the secret files, soon to be released, harbor conclusive information on the Rendlesham Forest account?  Well, that remains to be seen.

The Ministry of Defense will first release the files to the National Archives, and after their process is done, the files will be released to the general public. This is to be done within a matter of days.

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To read an article on this visit express.co.uk/news

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Having a Creepy Kind of Day

Why so serious?

(You know it can’t be healthy)

Borrowed from Spooky Southeast

“British X-files” soon to be released for public view!  Article later today!

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Survive the House of Poe?


I should take up the pen to write it away,

Apathy wins…so there the pen lay.

Rid my soul…this melancholy pest?

Is there a way?  Or do none exist?

She grabs your throat through thinnest of cloth.

Uninvited she crawls… right into your mouth.

She reeks of bitter there is no doubt,

But swallow you must, there’s no way out.

Damn this melancholy…a gift from Poe?

Taking me down to the pits below.

Into the tunnel I feel my way.

No light to see, no presence of day.

I’ve been here before…a time or two.

Now, that’s a lie…Tis more than a few!

There is a place…Oh can it help?

But the grass is high…have the cards been dealt?

Anyone home?  Please…can you be there?

Please open the door… show me you care.

I call and call but no sound from you.

A step I hear and your laughter too.

This slap in the face I take on the chin.

So many times…and yet, now, again?

Over and over a deaf ear you turn,

So I’m nobody…no one of  discern?

I take my leave to walk in time,

Faces I see…Do they see mine?

No, faceless am I …no story to tell,

So back go I…where the melancholy dwell.

In a moment…brief though it may be,

I think I hear you, coming for me.

But then the silence around me drape,

A cloak of death…Should I partake?

This hole of despair I know I should climb.

Before it’s too late and I run out of time.

And so here I lay…my own little world.

This house of Poe…within I am curled.

Should I try…just one more knock?

Could it be true…Will the door unlock?

A face to gain and in dignity dwell?

No… is resounded from the pits of hell!

Into my cave with blackest of hue

Survival’s a myth…and I just don’t want to.

Morris in Thought


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Ghost ChildI was quite the unusual child.  No one dared speak it out loud, but none-the-less, it ate upon their brains like a canker sore.

“Different…,” they’d say.  “Just a wee-bit queer…for my like’n.”  Then they’d catch me looking at them and their faces would blanch white, as the cotton they were picking.

I enjoy making them uncomfortable.  I enjoy hearing the rhythm of their heartbeat quicken.  It makes me alive within this skin.

It’s a funny thing to feel so alive when scaring others to death.  I almost get giddy with the pleasure.  Once I almost smiled but  I never let them see me smile.

One day I’ll leave this village, but not until I’m finished with them.  I never leave a job undone.  I stay until the end…and sometimes it takes oh so long for the end.

The end makes me sad.  After the end there is no fear and it’s the fear I miss most.  And so I stretch the means to defer the end.

I try to linger as long as possible, but, alas, the end is always inevitable.  So when the job is done, I lay them to hell and spill dirt over their faces…and then…then I can smile.

I wonder the woods, for beyond yonder hill, my new family awaits.  The cabin is bright and I knock at the door.  When it opens they invite me in and  my job begins all over again.

Generations have come and generations have gone, and yet I’m still here…still the same unusual, girl of seven.

Yes, this always remains…

I’m never alone, for this body I possess, will always be my home.


Home is a person.  If you’re lucky, home is yourself. __ Duchess Goldblatt 

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Update on NASA’s Announcement


The much anticipated announcement from NASA was delivered to the American public today at 4 pm.  Conspiracy theorists hoped the announcement would confirm the  possibility that alien life has been visiting the Earth.  Unfortunately, for all of us who love all things paranormal, this was not to be the announcement; however, take hope fellow alien-loving friends, NASA’s announcement brings us even closer to the possibility that alien life will, indeed be discovered!

So, just what was NASA’s big announcement?  Well, here you go:

NASA’s Kepler Mission confirms the discovery of the largest amount of planets to date…1,284 to be exact.  NASA headquarters in Washington states, “This gives us hope that somewhere out there, around a star much like ours, we can eventually discover another Earth.”

Paul Hertz, Astrophysics Division director at NASA Headquarters, tells us just why this discovery is so important:  “Before the Kepler space telescope launched, we did not know whether exoplanets were rare or common in the galaxy. Thanks to Kepler and the research community, we now know there could be more planets than stars. This knowledge informs the future missions that are needed to take us ever-closer to finding out whether we are alone in the universe.”

I don’t know about you, but I have loved all things related to space, since a little girl in elementary school-drawing pictures of the spaceship Saturn V.  Now, here I am on the near side of 50, and that love has grown so much the more!  Some may say I’m obsessed, and that’s just fine by me.  I will be a stargazer until the day I take my flight from this Earth.

Stay tuned to Creepy Reflections for more paranormal news and updates!

Keep looking up, friends…you never know what you’ll see!

To read NASA’s entire article go to Kepler Mission Announcement.